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Organizing the world’s
workforce information

Identify and retain
top talent

According to SHRM, passive job seekers are individuals who are currently employed but who may be open to a good career opportunity. Knowing how to attract passive job seekers is only a fraction of the problem, while knowing how to identify them remains a mystery.

Claro harnesses the power of machine learning to help companies identify potential passive job seekers, so that mutual relationships can be established to help hire diverse talent faster.

Help eliminate
workplace bias

A recent Forbes article titled Unconscious Bias In The Workplace: You Can't Afford To Ignore It, discusses this growing problem. "Unconscious bias undermines recruiting efforts and employee development, which can be destabilizing to an organization.

The question business leaders need to ask is, where is unconscious bias in my company and what is the impact?” Claro was built to answer the "where" question in a way that has never been answered before.

Uncover problems you
don’t know you have

Workforce planning and recruiting top the list of 15 biggest HR challenges, including categories like diversity and inclusion, and workplace bias. These challenges remain hidden from plain view but carry real risks, so companies need advanced warning systems to be prepared.

There are great tips for rooting out various opaque HR problems, but when considering tools to help companies identify the impact of organizational announcements and other hidden challenges, Claro sits at the top of that list.

Use Cases.

Claro is a global platform of unique workforce insights that helps organizations identify and recruit diverse talent faster, improve employee engagement, and reduce voluntary attrition.


With unemployment hovering below 5%, recruiting is harder than ever and the competition is fierce. Having tools like Claro to help you identify diverse talent faster will enable you to stay one step ahead.


Benchmarking is the structured process to assess one organization’s performance against a group of other organizations, in order to establish a reference point or best practice.

Employee Engagement

Companies whose employees are engaged perform more than 200% better than companies whose employees are not. Claro helps you identify employee engagement risk so you can put in corrective measures.

Did you know?


According to McKinsey, companies are more profitable when teams are ethnically diverse


Of candidates are passive job seekers according to Talentnow 2018 Recruitment Trends


Of surveyed HR leaders said employee engagement was a top priority in 2018 and beyond