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Sep 10 2018 - By Claro

Benchmarking is the structured process to assess one organization’s performance against a group of other organizations, in order to establish a reference point or best practice. The goal of benchmarking is to identify potential areas of improvement to implement within the organization, or to identify trends or risk. An organization can benchmark cost, quality, processes, financial and human capital performance. An organization can also benchmark against a group of similar or dis-similar organizations depending on the outcome desired.

“Claro technology for analyzing job seeking behaviors of the global workforce is revolutionizing information services.” - Elliot Clark, CEO SharedXpertise and HRO Today Magazine

One of Claro platform’s greatest strengths is its ability to leverage external market data to help companies understand how they compare against their peers in more than 30 different areas. For example, analyzing the percentage of people looking for work within your organization versus the percentage of people looking for work at one of your competitors might tell you whether or not your experience is normal, high or low (as in the illustration below). This kind of information improves your company’s agility and leads to smarter investments.

The learning curve for becoming productive with Claro for the purpose of benchmarking is minimal. Most clients are up and running either that day or the next, and their world is never the same. Imagine being able to get a sneak peak at Apple, Google, or one of another 15,000+ companies. After all, who doesn’t want to impress their CEO with strategic, business-impact recruiting metrics? Claro’s machine learning technology can help make that possible.

Did you know?


According to McKinsey, companies are more profitable when teams are ethnically diverse


Of candidates are passive job seekers according to Talentnow 2018 Recruitment Trends


Of surveyed HR leaders said employee engagement was a top priority in 2018 and beyond