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Sep 11 2018 - By Claro

It takes too long to fill your open roles, on average from 25-63 days just to fill a single vacancy, depending on the skill and location. Claro can help you identify more diverse talent faster to reduce this time. Clients use our proprietary metadata platform to search for their ideal talent profiles. In addition, they leverage Claro’s proprietary metric of job seeking activities to connect with people who would be interested in exploring new opportunities.

One Claro client has reduced time to fill difficult vacancies by more than 30%, has improved the diversity of their candidate slates by more than 50%, and has improved the Contact-to-Interview ratio by by more than 60%. At one point in Q4 2016, more than 70% of the candidates at Interview stage in their candidate pipeline – a staggering number – originated as a result of leveraging Claro’s software.

“Claro analytics allow us to transform our clients’ recruitment and retention outcomes in a much faster and easier way.” - Lori Hock, CEO, Hudson Americas

See where your target talent is located by density of your search. You can also overlay multiple search criteria to do comparative analyses by company or skill sets or locations, or by industry segments or where people attended college, and when you’re done you can also view a lists of people who match your specific search criteria.

Did you know?


According to McKinsey, companies are more profitable when teams are ethnically diverse


Of candidates are passive job seekers according to Talentnow 2018 Recruitment Trends


Of surveyed HR leaders said employee engagement was a top priority in 2018 and beyond