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Privy gives job-seekers the inside scoop on companies.

Did you ever ask yourself, “I wonder if this is a place where people want to work?” or “I wonder how many people at this company are looking for another job right now?,” then Privy is your indispensable tool to get the inside scoop on Fortune 100 companies.

Connect with others like you in our new community.

If you want to know about job-seeking activities at a company, others probably want to know as well. This is why Claro built a new community to discuss job-seeking activities at Fortune 100 companies, and new companies that will be added to Privy over time.

Privy Methodology

We can’t spill the beans on our secret sauce since companies often try to copy Claro, which some say is a form of flattery but in technology this is a real problem. What we can say is that we have built an unrivaled, algorithmic data science platform that autonomously measures job-seeking activities.