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Unique Talent Market
insights whether you choose
SaaS or connect via API.

Claro external market analytics can be combined with your internal HR data

The online world is an animate source of information, but internal company HR systems are often static or updated only a few times per year. These data sources often sit in their own silos so it's no wonder most employers know very little about their employees. That's about to change!

Imagine a world where you can overlay your internal company data with external market data to perform advanced analyses. Walk into your next executive meeting prepared with facts and data instead of excuses.

Benchmarking and competitive analyses
make you more strategic

How do you know if your HR programs are working? And can you measure their success relative to your peers? Sure you can hire firms to perform this analysis for you but it's expensive, time consuming, and by the time you receive results the data is already stale.

Claro helps you understand how you compare with your peers in specific markets or specific skill sets, benchmark employee flight risk, plus let you know how your workforce reacts to company announcements and a whole lot more.

Flexibility to develop targeted talent searches and assess market conditions

Market mapping can be used to support a proactive rather than reactive approach to recruitment. It can help build up insights, networks and ideas to ensure that you are prepared when opportunities arise. A few tools, including LinkedIn Recruiter, attempt to help you with this task.

Claro offers Google-caliber talent search and analytics but without the "noise." Many are functional within hours of receiving system access, conducting real-time analyses and receive daily alerts about changing market conditions.

Did you know?


According to McKinsey, companies are more profitable when teams are ethnically diverse


Of candidates are passive job seekers according to Talentnow 2018 Recruitment Trends


Of surveyed HR leaders said employee engagement was a top priority in 2018 and beyond